Fight for UX

The Fight for UX brand is a call for designers to fight for the user who deserves a better experience. Developed with the team at Brave UX, I led the brand design and strategy to create a wholesome identity that fits the visual aesthetic of the 1940's WWII America. I also designed one of the prints in the set under the theme of Research, built out of period imagery, techniques, and typography. 


From the site:

"You may be tempted to skip testing.  But you know what they say in the ole Department of User Research?  Garbage in, garbage out.

If you want a product that lives up to its promise, you have to test it.  Don’t waste time or money building functionality that doesn’t matter to your user.  Always know before you go.  Test!

Much of World War II propaganda appealed to young women for nursing and manufacturing jobs, to keep America going while men fought overseas.

Staying true to the era, we cast a spunky young Rita, fresh-faced and ready to research, in front of a dreamy cloudscape."


Want the print? Buy it here.