IFN Branding & Motion Graphics

IFN, or the Independent Film Network, needed an identity to convey the avant-garde nature of indie filmmakers and showcase the rich diversity of stories they tell every day.

The logo is typographic, and transforms into a pair of brackets that frame brand objects. In many instances, this frame allows a film to literally be showcased by the logo. Color is only used within any scene from a film, never directly within the brand assets.

The long-form typographic logo is often accompanied by motion and sound that allude to modern screenwriting and editing tools. 


The IFN Show Line-up takes compelling scenes from upcoming films and showcases them with rapid motion of the brand assets. The audio may be a snippet from a scene, but the music must allow the ideas to remain connected.


IFN will often advertise their films using a combination of footage from upcoming features and motion graphics of their brand.


IFN's Lower Third and Station ID promote the concept of the brand as a showcase for the films.