SWDILT 01 - A New Beginning

As the semester comes to a close and I quickly find myself with more free time, I’m going to try to start writing about what I learned in the day that was useful, fun, or important to my success as an individual personally and professionally. I think that if I love learning about these things, I want to share them with other people.

I figure that writing in small portions keeps things easy and accountable on my end, so I’ll be trying to write out bite-sized chunks that take me less than 10min to produce. Obviously this isn’t everything I learn about in a day, but I want to keep it small and make sure it’s digestible.

So What Did I Learn Today? (SWDILT for short)

1) I learned about way cool typography pairings from a woman named Bethany Heck. I just found her on the internet and I love her work. I’m inspired by her site and I can’t wait to sit down to try things out on my own site. If you’re into that kind of stuff, give her post a read.

2) I learned that one of my designs became an actual thing, and the client made it into a neon sign. Something from my computer became real and it feels so good! I mean look at that guy, he’s happy too.

 I know, it's a crappy image. I'll get a better one soon.

I know, it's a crappy image. I'll get a better one soon.

3) I learned more about other designers’ experiences with mentors, because I asked and these fine people out in Utah made an entire podcast about it. So cool of them to take me up on a topic and spend almost an hour of their time talking about it. So thank you Eric, Geof, Adam, and Ben!

That's it for today! Talk to me about this if you liked it, it will help keep me motivated to do more of these!