The community at Mason is incredibly diverse and immensely supportive. You will be welcomed at Mason, and the supporting hand in this logo is representative of this. Model UN stands for open collaboration and communication of anyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from. To retain a feeling of global continuity, a hemisphere sits above the supporting hand to establish the importance of inter-cultural communication. The logo is designed to be clear and easily recognizable at any size and on any material, with bold, thick lines that leave an impression of power, elegance, and simplicity. It is an inspiring abstract that conveys a level of authenticity, tradition, and forward movement toward a common and shared goal.



The Mid-Atlantic Simulation of the United Nations (MASUN) is an annual conference hosted by the Model United Nations club of George Mason University. Their hope was to solidify their conference as top of the region with a higher end and more professional branding than previous conferences had. For this project to work, it would need to be refined yet bold, as well as distinctive and sustainable.

The brand retains elements of a high-end feel while simultaneously utilizing the familiarity of Mason’s friendly campus and community.


In addition to the brand, a set of assets was designed for distribution and use during the conference including programs, placards, name tags, stickers, step and repeat banners, social media assets, and letterheads for official communication.