My Midwest

I write this a week after I conceived the idea of this photo project. The goal was to be able to visually communicate a snippet of the experience I had while growing up in the Midwest. Over a chilly weekend in March, I went out and shot twice on consecutive days while visiting my family. With the help of my siblings, I was able to commemorate the stories I remember living out.

I set out with a goal to capture eight photographs. The original vision of my project changed along the way as I shot the photos. For instance, I realized how important vehicles were in high school. Whether it was driving to a late night burger joint with friends, or sitting and having the ‘authentic conversations’ we had with our friends, the vehicle became a symbol of freedom and vessel of open communication. I used a vehicle to travel to the locations I wanted to shoot, as well as taking some of the photos from the vehicle moving itself.

Another realization I had was how important the Americana of the Midwest is to me. It has stuck with me through my experiences and I hold it close to my heart. The memories I have are incredibly tied to an aesthetic I find comforting and homely. I wanted to be able to represent the balance I kept in my time in the Midwest with my new experiences on the East Coast.

The week between idea, production, post-processing, and documenting was a challenge, but I’m pleased with the work I’m able to present after such a short amount of time. I will be attempting to create more of these ‘sprint’ projects in the future.