Data Visualization Poster

Privacy and data is a heated contemporary topic. Where do we draw the line between what is and is not our own data? How do we measure it? Who uses the ruler? What can someone else collect from us? Can they use it if it makes our life better?

Everyone is a walking set of numbers.

But what if you couldn't use those numbers? Over the course of two weeks I collected various sets of data from my life. Toward the end of my project, I had over 140 lines in 23 points of data. Throughout the day, I surveyed myself to determine where I was, what I was doing, and even the temperature. At the end of my collection period, I took the data that is almost meaningless and chose to display it in a quantitative format. 

We now have a series of numbers and graphs that are useless, but seem collectable. They could be put in a database, but would they matter? 

Additionally, I saw this as an opportunity to grow further in self-awareness as I underwent the process. While reviewing the surveys at the end of each day and compiling data I came to find the patterns and rhythms of my life. I had experienced an immense amount of growth even within two weeks, and much more than I had ever expected to result from a relatively brief project timeline. 

My impact on the world is no longer small. My footprint is evident and carries weight.